Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MacLeod Sisters | Portraits

Ashley and I have worked together so many times in the past. This summer we did a portrait session, engagement session. Last winter we did a portrait session and I believe Fall '08 we did another portrait session. It has been really great to build a friendship with her over the time we have worked together. She is FABULOUS to shoot.

A few weeks ago she emailed me asking if I could photograph her and her sisters for their parents for Christmas. My response was pretty much "Duh!!". Hahaha. I was really excited to meet Ashley's two sisters and for good reason. They are both amazing women and we all had a lot of fun together. I think there is a gorgeous gene in their family though. Take a look at these three...

It was lightly raining for their session so when we were doing individual portraits whomever wasn't in the photograph was doing the above to keep their hair dry. When I saw them I knew we had to photograph it :)

Click HERE to view the slideshow of the full session.


  1. I am impressed! Think this is some of your best work yet, I love it! I just love the way all of these seem to come together. Very down to earth, these feel so natural.

  2. Awesome!! I love all their scarves- I want them all. :D