Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ashley || Portraits

Just like I promised, I would post twice today and I would show more of Ashley's photos. Ashley was awesome to work with. The photos speak for themselves!!

Ha ha ha. We were trying to think of some poses and this one just came out of no where! lol.

Aren't those eyes just gorgeous?? I wish I had those eye lashes :)


  1. yep! she has amazing eyes. nice work Christine.

    that black wall has endless options eh!

  2. hi christine.
    i must say i love yours images but i have a question. is more fun taking pictures. i know is a stupid but you are so beatiful.

  3. hi.
    i mean, I know is a stupid question but you are so beatiful!

  4. This is a stunning series, Christine! The location with the snow looks amazing. Beautiful model, and all very flattering angles and poses. Beautiful!