Sunday, November 1, 2009

Caitlin & Joe in Kentville | Engagement

I absolutely love my network and everyone in it. It amazes me how many people I get messages/emails from about photo sessions that I know through people. There hasn't been one "random" person yet. A lot of the time my clients are people I went to high school with or university with. Some have found me through Facebook and mutual friends.

Caitlin was both of the above. We went to the same high school but weren't in the same social circles, she's a lot cooler than I am ;) When I logged into my Facebook a few weeks ago and saw she had messaged me I was completely blown away. And I blushed. She said that she had been following my blog for some time and was interested in an engagement session. Sometimes I feel as if I should give up on this blog. It doesn't seem like I get much traffic most of the time. Once I read her message I made a promise to myself to never think that way about this blog again. Even though the majority of people that view this don't leave any sign of being here, at least now I know they have been. :)

Well Caitlin and her fiancee Joe agreed to meet with me at the RIDICULOUS hour of 8:30am in Kentville for their engagement session. Any of you that know me on a personal level know that I do not do early mornings that well. Matt say's I'm not "fully there" for the first hour after I wake up. Hahaha. Anyways.... :P Kentville is such a beautiful town. It is about an hour outside of Halifax and always feels friendly, no matter the time of year. I was sooo happy that they chose it as the location for their session because I knew we would get awesome images here. One thing I have been dying to do is photograph a couple on a university campus. I am always in awe of different universities. Always so beautiful and so full of life. I even feel smarter when I'm there.

Well, I will stop yacking your ear off and show some of the images. Caitlin and Joe are the stars of this post, not my babbling :)

This school ground is where Joe proposed to Caitlin. It is an extra special spot for her because her grandfather was the principal and her mom went to school there. So cute :)

Click HERE to view the entire session in the slideshow.


  1. Christine, these are brilliant! They're having so much fun, and I love all the fun smiles & laughs! The light looks GORGEOUS! At least that sort of makes the ridiculous earliness worthwhile.

  2. haha I loved your blog on us! I had no idea you're not a morning person! We could have changed the time! :)
    If it's any consolation we're very excited about the photos. They turned out great! You certainly know how to create magic haha!
    I've always enjoyed looking through your photos. They're all very unique and beautiful! I'll make my presence known haha!
    Thanks again and keep up the gorgeous work! :)

  3. A lot of the time there are people who follow that dont comment. I of course am guilty of that. To increase your blog traffic post daily (or close to it) and comment on other people's blogs. They wont know you're there until you make yourself known :)

    Great photos! :)

  4. Hey Christine do not give up your blog I love to read and the photos are cool. I think that your a good riter .
    Continu the good work

    Martin Milks

  5. Oh My God Caitlin!!! (it's Nicole from TD Br 5380)


    Christine you took a wonderful picture of Caitlin!!!