Thursday, April 15, 2010

Karynne | Portraits

God this girl is gorgeous. Karynne and I have been friends since junior high and when she told me she wanted to start up modeling again I got super excited. Photo time!!! This whole session was less than 2 hours (I had to go to work afterward so we had to cut it short) but we got some fabulous results! We literally just walked a few block radius around her house and found these locations.

Enjoy the photos :)

Disclaimer: I don't support smoking, just thought the above photo would be cool to try while we were taking a break.

I think these next two are my favs from our session.


  1. Great photos Christine - but smoking is UNcool!

  2. Very nice portait and nice model.

  3. Love love loooove your work xox

    PS: re: the disclaimer.. niiiiice :)

  4. Looovvveee. The second last in front of the door - AMAZING! I love that shot! Inspired :)

  5. Wow, Great work Christine!
    She is amazing!

  6. Wow...who is that model? You need to post more of her!