Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm not sure where all of my readers are from but if you're in warmer parts of North America I am JEALOUS!! Some friends of mine have been posting photos of how nice the weather looks where they are and I turn a little green in the face. Halifax is ahead of the weather schedule but it still isn't really nice out. We have been getting highs of the low teens (Celsius) for the past two weeks. The grass is green, the dandelions are out already but other than that, there aren't many signs of life. You really have to go looking for them to see that spring has finally arrived. Here are some photos I took around the 'rents place last weekend. I can't wait until mom's tulips are up :)


  1. :):) SPRING! I love the first photo!

  2. these are lovely my dear! LOVE the purple ones. Can't wait to see your mom's tulips. (O:

  3. ok, i'm inspired to get out to the garden and shoot! these are way too gorgeous to not get out there and appreciate spring :) beautiful focus, lovely colours.

    ohh, and it was 17 and sunny here today :)