Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Inspiration - Week 15

The past two weeks I have been addicted. Addicted!! I do not have an addicted personality but occasionally I have these phases where all I can do in my spare time is read. This past week alone I have read 5 books. It can get kind of ridiculous sometimes. It literally consumes my life.

The particular series is called Fever by Karen Marie Moning. Below is a photo of the 4 books so far in the series that I have read. The last I actually read in less than 24 hours. For those of you that know me know I love Twilight, but I think this series might be better. How can this be? I have no freakin' clue. I identify with so many personality traits of the main character (Mac) that it almost feels like I am in the book. Silly I know but it's true. When I finished reading Dreamfever I felt like a something was missing. Like I lost a good friend. Karen is a fantastic author but I found she ended Dreamfever in a frustrating way. In my personal opinion, if someone has made it to the 4th book in a series, they are going to continue reading it when a new book is published. She ended Dreamfever in the middle of a critical scene in the plot. Absolutely no closure. It is SERIOUSLY frustrating. Now I have to wait until December when she releases Shadowfever (the last book in the series) to find out what happened. Oh well. Like I said, Karen is a fabulous author and I completely recommend this series and her other set of books, the Highlander series as well.

These are the next books I am reading by Janet Evanovich. I am about half way through the top book (Eleven On Top). There are 20 books in total I think. This series isn't as good as Fever but I still really enjoy reading them. They are definitely an easy, entertaining read. Hopefully I'll be able to get them all completed before they are due back at the library (a week from now!!).

As a little side note I am pretty close to meeting a personal goal I made for myself for 2010. I wanted to read 25 books before the end of the year. Currently I am on book # 22. Maybe I'll be able to hit 50 this year? We'll see :) If you want to see my reviews and keep track of my progress head over to GoodReads. I LOVE this website!!

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  1. ouuu, thanks for the tips on a new series! I also loved Twilight, but am a huge fan of the 'City of..' trilogy and Kelley Armstrongs 'Women of the Underworld' series :)

    I'm pumped that you're coming to Coffee and Yoga!! Yay!