Saturday, February 13, 2010

Inspiration - Week 8

My inspiration posts have gone on a tangent away from photography and towards life inspiration. I guess it all combines together in the big picture but next week I plan on doing one specific to photography inspiration.

That being said, this weeks inspiration is farmers markets. We have one here in Halifax that Matt and I are going to more frequently now. Last week we watched Food Inc. and then went to the Halifax Farmers Market. We got talking to some of the vendors that were there and learned so much about farming that we didn't know before. Although Matt and I live in an apartment, I want to make my own garden this spring. I'm thinking of buying or making some big pots to put out on our balcony to grow some veggies.

Anyways, if you haven't seen Food Inc. we both recommend it. It didn't really turn me off of eating meat, it just opened my eyes as to how most of our food is treated while it's alive and challenged me to make better choices. Here are some photos of the market. It's a lot more full and alive in the summer though.

Oh and here is the trailer for Food Inc.

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  1. That's neat :) I love the two photos, they DO inspire me!