Friday, February 5, 2010

Inspiration - Week 7

This weeks inspiration is by far my readers. I have noticed such an increase in my views every day it has floored me away! I'm not sure if many of you have blogs and if you do, if you have Google Analytics set up to monitor them. But if you don't, you definitely should!

In this post on Jan. 11th I talked about my New Years resolutions. One of them as you may remember was to post in my blog 4 times a week. So far I have done that all but one week when I only hit 3 posts. I think this is the reason my count has gone up. Makes sense really I guess. lol. Take a look at my past two months of viewage (don't think that's a word.. :D ).

So because I don't like talking to myself (ok, maybe sometimes I do but shush) and this proves that I'm not talking to myself, I have decided to host my first giveaway. It's not much but just a little something to show my appreciation. I'm going to give a $15.00 gift card to Chapters/Indigo (my favorite store in the world!) to a random reader. To qualify you need to leave a comment telling me about your new year's goal or resolution and how it's been going for you.

I'm SO excited to do this and hope to do it again in the future. Maybe I'll set out benchmarks and whenever one is hit I'll giveaway a prize. We'll see ;)

Oh and by the way, just to keep it fair I will be using to choose the winner. Make sure to leave your name and an email address where I can contact you, otherwise I won't be able to give you your prize! I will be choosing a winner at 8pm AST Sunday Feb. 7th. Get commenting!


  1. Woah, you are doing so well with your pageviews! You have been blogging abundantly lately too, and I love it! :)

    For me, it's been not working so hard and doing only the things I LOVE to do most of the time.

  2. its easy for me to tell you my goal.... to fully understand my baby girls disabilities, raise her to the best of my ability so she can aspire to do and be who she wants and to lead by example and work hard at all obstacles that come along in life. and to continue to inspire and raise a gentlemen who has compassion and respect for others.

  3. My new Years resolution but not really a new years as its a life time commitment is to eat healthier, exercise every day , get in shape more .. I know its the typical resolution that every says but i work out at least 5 nights a week since I bought a treadmill, i use weights, bands, stretches, and we stopped buying a lot of sweets. I am committed at weighing in every Sunday at the same time and I have a friend that i need to report to that will keep me on track. ..... Don't put my name in as I am anonymous but I wanted people to know you can do it too, takes commitment though and a good support system and I have that . Thank you

  4. lol no fair - I blogged recently about NOT having any New Year's Resolutions, simply because I never keep them! I simply intend to embrace 2010.

  5. My resolution for this year is to write in English on my blog as often
    as possible so that people like you can read me.

  6. It really does make a difference and it feels so good to blog away...yet I have been so slack with my posts. Gotta get on that!

  7. First off Christine I really enjoy reading/viewing your blog! There are only a few that I frequent, Your photographs are awesome! :)

    My resolution this year is to not let work control my life as I did last year. My goad/resolution is to make more of an effort to see my friends and have fun! Working late nights and every weekend has made it really hard, but since the new year I have had several BBQ’s and hosted birthday party’s at my place for friends. It's only Feb, so its going to be a good year! :)