Monday, February 8, 2010

Night Photography

Of course. I think deep down I knew it would happen. In my last post I gushed about how I have been posting 4 times a week... and then I didn't post my fourth time last week. Hahaha. 'Tis life.

This week is such a weird one for me. My schedule at my "day job" for the past 6 months has been so flexible. I could get up early and go in for 8am or I could sleep in and go in for 10am. It was SO nice. But now I am back to a rotating shift for at least a few weeks. And guess what shift I got this week? 7-3:30....... that is 7 AM. I honestly don't think this would be too bad if it was in the summer and the sun came up at like 5:30am. That way I would wake up to light outside. But as it is not summer I don't see sunlight until half an hour into my shift. Again, 'tis life.

Last time Matt and I were in Wentworth we stopped into Ski Wentworth to take some night portraits. It was pretty cool to see them making snow on the hill as I have never seen this done before. I really like these photos. They make me think about the upcoming 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and the 2011 Canada Games here in Halifax. Ski Wentworth and Ski Martock (both in NS) actually got some pretty big grants to upgrade their slopes. I'm talking a few million dollars each. Wouldn't that be nice?

I'm hoping to embrace the darkness since it is going to last a few more months and attempt some more night photography. Here are my first few for this project.

I was originally only going to post the first photo as the second had a lot of movement in the foreground. After editing both I think I actually like the second better. The movement is fun. Maybe I'll get some downtown shots with car head lights and people coming in and out of bars :)

Oh! And btw, Sean Norman was the lucky winner of my giveaway! Congrats Sean! The gift cards are already on their way. And just so no one jumps down my throat I want to remind you all that I used to pick the winner. :)


  1. Haha. Before reading under your photographs I thought to myself I liked the movement in the second image a lot better. And I LOVE the blue hue too! Maybe send some snow this way for the Olympics? Oh wait, it'll all melt because it's like 14 degrees again today! ;D