Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fuji Instax Mini Camera

I'm just finishing up editing Elly's photos from last weekend. I have been really busy with work so it's taking a little bit longer than expected.

In the meantime I thought this would be entertaining. One of the many blogs I follow is Creature Comforts. I get a lot of my inspiration from this blog including one of the posts the made yesterday. I have been eyeing the Fuji Instax Mini Camera for a few months now. It is for sale on Photojojo's website but right now, Creature Comforts is holding a giveaway and this is one of the prizes!! I added my entry a few minutes ago but there were over 1000 entries. Chances of me getting it are pretty slim but I still thought it would be fun to talk about.

If I don't get it in the giveaway, I do want to purchase it in the next few months. I have so many ideas for using it in my photo sessions. I know my clients will have a lot of fun with them and it'll produce photos that they can take home with them from the session. I like happy customers :)

Here is a photo of the camera. Definitely check out Photojojo's website for more information on the camera and Creature Comforts blog for information on the giveaway!


  1. Cute. Never say never in the contest, Christine :) It would be fun to take some photos with one of those, so simple!

  2. Black's sells the Instax too. :)

  3. Good luck in the contest! You never know. I won my Instax from a contest. I LOVE it. I just have to start scanning the photos I take, hah!

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