Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Inspiration - Week 1

With the winter months comes a slow photography season. As you can tell by looking at my archives I have not been keeping to my 101 in 1001 goal of blogging 4 times a week. So I have been thinking of topics I can discuss on here to beef it up a bit over the Christmas. One thing I have been really wanting to do is an inspiration post. My Google Reader is full of photography blogs, finance blogs, health/fitness blogs, and some fashion blogs. Every day I am reading other peoples updates and looking at their photos and products. Some of what I read really sticks out in my mind. Once a week I will be posting an inspiration post. It will consist of anything "artsy" I can find that I love.

Not to long ago the fabulous Jamie Delaine posted about creativity being a muscle. Since then there have been a few things I want to get learn and do more of. This list includes knitting, writing, cross stitching and painting. Last Christmas my parents bought me two big black canvases that I haven't ever taken out of the plastic. In the next few months I really want to start panting more. I think my problem right now is that I don't trust myself to start painting on something so big when I have no idea what I'm doing. To solve this problem I will start off small and work my way big. I have a few little canvases (maybe 5x7?) that I will put my ideas on and if I like what comes out I'll do something similar on the large canvases.

As you can probably tell this weeks inspiration goes to painting! Here are some pieces of art I have found on the internet that I absolutely love.

The last 5 paintings were done by Dan Lafferty. The rest I found on kijiji a long time ago.

Cans for comments will be continuing until Dec.15th as I was sick last week and didn't get a chance to post anything worth commenting on. Keep the comments coming people :) Remember it's for a good cause!


  1. These are amazing sources of inspiration, Christine! I'd love for you to just go for it, you cannot get it wrong! :)

  2. Love those paintings! I want one for my wall. :)