Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cans For Comments

FEED NOVA SCOTIA is the provincial food collection and distribution centre for approximately 150 food banks and meal programs across Nova Scotia. We provide year-round food deliveries to member food banks and meal programs who serve at least 38,000 Nova Scotians each month.

But FEED NOVA SCOTIA is much more than a food collection and distribution centre. While we know that food banks play a vital role in the lives of Nova Scotians experiencing food insecurity, we are also dedicated to finding long-term solutions to poverty and chronic hunger that will reduce the need for food banks in Nova Scotia.
In light of the coming holidays I have decided to participate in cans for comments. It's pretty self explanatory. I have noted how many comments I have received so far on this blog (123) and for every comment received from now until December 8th, 2010 at 8pm I will donate 1 can to Feed Nova Scotia. I will be doing this on both of my blogs RunnerChristine and ChristineNewhook. The comments can be on posts I post from now until the 8th or on past posts.

So help the hungry and go comment!! :)


  1. when you donate to Feed Nova Scotia, only a small percentage of that food actually goes to your local food bank. It all goes to Halifax, then whatever's left gets divided between the rest of the foodbanks in Nova Scotia, usually the food is spoiled by then. If you want to give to your local food bank, I suggest making a donation directly to them.

  2. Fantastic, Christine... what a generous soul you have. :) Thanks for bringing awareness to this... every little thing counts. xoxo