Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As the last of the snow melts away and the birds come out singing in the morning, Matt and I have hit the roads. we aren't moving silly, we have been running. Like most people I find it extremely hard to be motivated to get into shape in the winter. But this time of year is perfect for it! It is still cool enough that you aren't over heated while jogging but it isn't so cold it makes your ears hurt. My ears hurt when it is cold out :(

So in light of the seasons changing I have decided to set a goal. I want to jog 50KM before the end of the month. If you jog 5KM 10 times than hey, that would be easy! But my endurance isn't that high yet. Sad I know :P Ha ha ha. I will post my progress weekly and let you know how much I have left to go.

To match the fitness theme I took the following photo the other day after my jog.

(this photo was taken at 1600 ISO. I was testing ISO the other day. More about that tomorrow)

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  1. 5K 10x a month is a great goal! I love running and can't wait to get back out there... only a few more days until I can exercise again since my wisdom teeth surgery! :) -J