Sunday, April 12, 2009


When I started taking photos for fun I took friends advise about shooting modes on my camera and what settings to use, etc. I'm not sure who said it but someone told me to always use the lowest ISO setting possible for my situation. Since then I always have, and I mean always. I almost never bumped up my ISO higher than 100 and if I did than it was never over 300.

The other day I decided to change that. I know you get less grain with less ISO but sometimes grain is good right? So I took some photos of Squeaky with some high ISO settings to see how they would turn out. This is what came of them :)

This photo was taken at 1000 ISO.

This one was taken at 1600 ISO.

All in all I think I am a little bit more comfortable with changing my ISO up. I even did that today at an engagement shoot. You'll see more soon :)


  1. ISO is one of the 4 factors in the equation of the right exposure. Not changing your ISO is like refusing to change your shutter speed or aperture.

  2. Oh my gosh, I wish I still had a kitten! SO CUTE! Great photographs, but even more - the high ISO looks superb!