Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shimmy Shimmy

Growing up I used to get embarrassed so easily by the littlest of errors. I didn't have a great deal of self confidence around people my own age. In high school I started to only keep people in my life that I really care about and now I am surrounded with loved ones. Because of this I don't every get embarrassed. Don't get me wrong, I do embarrassing things ALL THE TIME. But as the quote goes, people who care don't matter and people who matter don't care. So I thought maybe I should share this kind of funny story about myself that happened on Monday.

I had the day off of work from my "day job" so I decided to have some me time in the afternoon. I am a huge fan of Lush products including all of their bath stuff. One of the last times I was at their store I had purchased over $50 worth of products so I got a free gift. In the gift was some shower gel, a bar of soap and this heart shaped glittery thing. Well I put it under my sink for a few weeks and decided to use this during my bath. I thought the heart shaped glittery thing was what's called a bath melt. A bath melt makes your bath really creamy and silky and softens your skin. Score! right?

So I ran my bath, threw in the "bath melt" and some of a bubble bar to get some pink bubbles and thought everything was all good. When the tub was almost full I saw that the bath melt still looked like it was whole. I picked it up and it felt kind of like oil based paint. You know, the stuff that NEVER comes off your skin? That stuff. I thought maybe it needed to be broken up a bit so I tried to break it using my hands, which didn't work and all I ended up doing was getting my hands smothered in sparkles. I started to worry because they wouldn't come off when I scrubbed my hands in the bath water. So I dropped the bar back in (bad idea number 2) and went to the sink to try using real soap and water. Didn't work. Hmm.. Well sparkles aren't all that bad right?

By this time the bath was full of hot water, and I have a big bath, I didn't want to waste it so I thought, what the hey, I might as well still relax in it. I don't have anywhere to go tonight so a little sparkles won't hurt. I got in, closed my eyes and let the hot water soothe some sore muscles and enjoyed the peace and quiet. When I opened my eyes I saw these little oily globs floating around in the water. Touched one and it was like a sparkle explosion on my finger. Great. So now I'm literally covered in sparkles, neck to toes and because it's all oily it won't come off. Whatever. I relaxed for a little bit longer and then decided to do something about it.

I got out, took a shower and used one of Lush's sugar scrubs to scrub off the sparkles. Well it worked, but then I was covered in scratches because the sugar scrub is pretty harsh. Scratches are better than sparkles though right?

Turns out that the "bath melt" is called a shimmy shimmy glitter bar. You're supposed to rub it on your skin dry to get a little sparkle. Not melt it in hot water and bath in it. Hahaha. It's always good to be able to laugh at yourself right? Well you all can laugh at me too :P lol. Next time I will definitely be reading instructions online for products I'm not 100% sure on.

Here's a photo of the little devil bar.


  1. LoLoLoLoLoL This made me laugh SO hard... You're so funny :):) That's totally something I would do too.

    PS. I am the epitome of embarrassment. It's so bad- really.

  2. That's so Christine!! Funny!! That reminds me of your father going to work with sparkles on his face from the cloth you left in the bathroom. Remember that?

  3. HAHAHA! Your mum is so cute!

    This made me laugh! Haha! The thought of all the sparkles everywhere! Lush is my gift saviour for all women in my life!

  4. ROFL! :) Silly you. That's something I'd do too! :) hehehehehe :)

  5. HAHAHA. That made me laugh out loud. It sounds like something I'd do. :)