Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ellie and Family | Portraits

Jackie asked me a few weeks ago if I could photograph her, Ellie and Jeremy together before they got too big. Of course I was delighted to photograph Ellie again. She is the sweetest little girl I've met. And plus, it meant I got to hold her for a while too :)

These are late going up but here are some of the photos from our session.

What a beautiful family :) Love you guys!


  1. These are great, and she is SUPER adorable <3

  2. Beautiful pictures Christine. I love the one where Mom is looking at the camera, Dad is looking at Mom and baby is looking at Dad.

  3. Love these, Christine. They're so sweet, and calm, what a lovely family :) Easy to pick a few different favourites out of these for sure. Beautiful.