Saturday, February 20, 2010


On the theme of night photography I did an experiment last night. There is a great spot in Dartmouth that looks over the harbour to downtown Halifax. It's stunningly beautiful at night too. I went down to take some photos which turned out really well. I put together my first panoramic shot which I actually really liked. But for some reason when I make it small enough for the internet it gets lines in it and is no good for posting. I'll figure out a way to make it work in the next few days and post it up here. Until then I'll post one photo I took of the MacDonald bridge. I wish there had of been more movement in the waves to get more of a blur but oh well. It's good enough the way it is :)

Enjoy and happy Saturday!


  1. I love this, Christine. I'm no photographer but as a viewer I like the level of blur on the water just fine. The overall scene takes me away from where I am and puts me in a peaceful place.

    Was the reflected light on the cloud cover that pronounced in real life or did the exposure create more of it? It's very nice.

  2. Dear Christine,

    Please get Wordpress & Prophoto so we can all admire your always improving and strikingly beautiful photography at a size that do your photographs justice.

    Each one of your loving blog stalkers.

  3. beautiful photo c!! :) gorgeous. and i second sean's comment (he's hilarious!). :) so true! i want to see your pics nice and BIG! :)

  4. Love Love Love this picture!

  5. Wow, stunning Christine!

  6. Are you on a site you can sell your photos like deviantart.