Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cormier Family | Portraits

As I am building my website I decided I needed some new portrait work to put up. So I went to the ever faithful twitter/facebook and updated my status to ask people if they would like their portraits taken. Well in just 2 hours I think I got like 9 responses! Hahaha. Nancy was one of them.

Nancy's husband has been serving in Afghanistan for a while now and as a surprise she wanted to get some portraits done with her and her two children, Alan and Laura. I had met Alan and Laura years ago when they were still little kids. Well, needless to say they aren't little kids anymore! Ha ha ha. I was taken back by just how beautiful they are. Laura is smart and absolutely stunning. Alan is so charismatic and handsome. He made us all laugh quite a bit. :)

Here are some photos from the session.

Click HERE to view the rest of the photos in the slideshow.


  1. Thanks so much Christine they are amazing!!! It is going to be so hard not showing him these til I get prints made and ready for his Xmas gift!!
    Thanks soooo much!!!
    Laura and Allan are happy with these too!! Thanks for the compliments!

  2. the beans and bunny shot are cute!!