Friday, July 17, 2009

Lindsay & Nathaniel | Portraits

Lindsay contacted me a few months ago stating that she wanted to get photos done as she was pregnant. She moved back to Halifax with her boyfriend Nathaniel and we setup a session. I haven't seen Lindsay since high school but she hasn't changed. She is still all smiles and the sweetest girl ever. It was my first time meeting Nathaniel. He laughed at my jokes so I definitely think he's a cool guy. Hahaha. I have such lame jokes btw.

We went to Conrads Beach in Dartmouth to take these photos. It was actually my first time going to the beach so far this year and I miss the sand. We had a lot of fun with the sun setting. At one point I asked Lindsay and Nathaniel if there were any particular photos they had a request for and they said that they love my work and that they trust me to take great photos. It definitely wasn't the response I was expecting but it did melt my heart a little bit. My clients are the most amazing clients ever. Even from the beginning they have always had faith in my abilities. I love you guys!!!

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff ;) Here are some photos from our session. I can't wait until Layla is born. She has such loving parents and I think it will be so much to photograph them again.


  1. Awe!
    I love these photographs, they are so cute and romantic <3
    Great job Christine ..and Lindsay too :D

  2. Gorgeous shots Christine! I love the one of her laying in the sand with him above. Keep up the great work!