Wednesday, July 1, 2009

101 in 1001

As I mentioned here a few days ago I am starting a little personal project for myself. I was browsing different blogs and I stumbled upon Paige Elizabeth. In her about me section she had posted 101 in 1001. It sparked my interest. After reading hers I decided to do my own.

Basically I have listed below 101 things I would like to do in the next 1001 days. I like this challenge because it makes you focus on what you want to do short term and long term. I had the hardest time coming up with all 101 items. Once my website is up and running I will have these listed there and also the information as I complete each one. I'll also post updated lists every once and a while here.

Anyone else want to try the challenge? ;)

1. Register my business
2. Launch my website
3. Photograph a bay that is less and 1 week old
4. Brand my business
5. Order my first sample albums
6. Attend WPPI
7. Meet someone inspiring
8. Intern w/ Jamie Delaine or Sarah Barlow
9. Create a canvas print from a vacation in Italy, Las Vegas, and the Caribbean
10. Upgrade to the Canon 5D MK II
11. Take a course/workshop in creative writing
12. Post in my blog 4 times a week
13. Go for a shopping trip in Boston
14. Read a photography related book once a month for 6 months
15. Read a business related book once a month
16. Read a book related to a topic of personal interest once a month
17. Paint 3 canvas paintings for our living room
18. Frame 100 photos
19. Take a homeless person out for lunch and learn about their life and their dreams
20. Bottle my own wine
21. Have my photography published
22. Go sky diving
23. Photograph a musician
24. Photograph an artist
25. Photograph a writer
26. Make strawberry & blueberry jam
27. Run a marathon
28. Meet Jasmine Star
29. Take a hot yoga class
30. Photograph at least 5 weddings each year
31. Become a member of Canon Professional Services
32. Learn how to make HDR Photographs
33. Join a craft class/club
34. Do 20 consecutive pushups
35. Do 20 consecutive pull ups
36. Plant a tree
37. Take a photo a day consecutively for 2 months
38. Knit an Afghan blanket
39. Learn how to clean my camera
40. Don't talk for 1 whole day
41. Spend 6 hours blind folded
42. Bake a cheesecake
43. Learn about another religion
44. Host a social networking event
45. Solve a rubik's cube in less than 1 minute
46. Hike for 1 hour naked
47. Make my own candles
48. Make my own jewelry
49. Photograph for a not for profit organization/charity
50. Start a food fight
51. Bike the Cabot Trail
52. Have my own garden
53. Take a ballroom dance class
54. Get a facial
55. Blow glass
56. Actually send out Christmas Cards
57. Have a romantic weekend at a bed & breakfast
58. Get a touch up tattoo
59. Make my own ballpoint pen
60. Keep a journal for 1 year
61. Get another kitten
62. Make a sculpture
63. Learn how to play 1 song on piano
64. Buy a house
65. Coach soccer for a summer
66. Donate blood
67. Donate plasma
68. Bake bread from scratch
69. Spend 1 whole day in bed with Matthew
70. Do some macro photography
71. Organize our storage room
72. Volunteer for charity/non-profit/hospital
73. Get a 6-pack
74. Photograph 1 wedding for free for a deserving couple
75. Write a poem
76. Have Matt teach me to snowboard
77. Complete a 50 photo self portrait project
78. Have professional photos taken of Matt and I
79. Read the Bible
80. Blog a wedding within 12 hours of photographing it
81. Make plans with dad once a month
82. Quit my job
83. Help a stranger with complete disregard for personal gain
84. Visit Ovens National Park
85. Go on a roller coaster
86. Photograph a hummingbird
87. Learn to french braid my own hair
88. Have a sexy girl party
89. Make corned beef and cabbage
90. Photograph a beach at sunrise
91. Photograph my grandparents
92. Photograph Matt's grandmothers
93. Organize my printed photos
94. Make an photo album of Matt and I
95. Take on a mentee
96. Send a balloon with a message in it into the sky
97. Complete 5 cross stitch
98. Decorate my home
99. Have a girls night with all of my close girlfriends
100. Make an official business plan.
101. Tell the people that are important to me that I love them more often


  1. Read the bible?
    Wow, you are a changing woman! :)

    Love the list - I can see you hitting most, if not all, of those goals


  2. Wow!! So inspiring. I might do this too, definitely will keep myself motivated. Best of luck! :]