Saturday, May 2, 2009

Run Run Run!!

Unfortunately I didn’t meet my jogging target that I posted about. I got to 36.5KM instead of my goal of 50KM. On the bright side I bought real running shoes today that I am SO excited about. They are the Nike Pegasus. I started using them today with my Nike+ iPod and I LOVE the combination. I also got some new spandex shorts and jacket and now I feel ready to go! As my endurance has increased INCREDIBLEY in the last month I am going to up my goal this month from 50KM to 80KM!!! Hopefully with the new sneaks I won’t have knee problems anymore and I will be able to jog a lot longer! I’m also going to start going off road on trails and stuff so it is not that high of impact. To keep track on how I am doing you can go to here and search the username christinenew.

As blog posts aren’t fun without a picture, here is my new gear :) I was originally going to take some photos out at the track but it was pouring cats and dogs when we were there.


  1. Christine, 36.5K?! I can't even run .5K! You're ridiculous!
    Can't argue about the ipod combination though, the only way to be outdoors!

  2. I think you did pretty well ;) My lord, you are a runner!