Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's burnin' up!

Wow. All I can say is wow. Yesterday was the most beautiful day so far this year. It got up to about 35 degrees Celcius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). Matt and I had originally planned on going to see Terminator Salvation but we decided not to waste such a beautiful day inside.

Instead we went to the Indian food buffet for lunch with my mom, ate our hearts out and then went home for a nap! Hahaha. It was just too hot out. When we were driving home I could fell my skin sizzling through the window, thats how intense the sun was.

After a nice nap in our cool apartment (our apartment faces east so we don't get the harsh sun :) ), Matt had gone to the gym and I went back downtown to meet up with a friend for supper. Andrea and I haven't seen each other since graduation day back in 2005. Feels like such a long time ago now. 4 years.. damn! We had a lot of fun walking around downtown, through the Public Gardens, and finally ending up at Your Father's Moustache for some food.

We talked about school, religion, the world, professors, the crowds we hung out with in high school, Matthew, her love life, family, pretty much everything including the kitchen sink. ;) It was so much fun just walking around doing nothing. We made an agreement to not wait another 4 years to get together again! Personally I hope it happened a LOT more often than every 4 years. Andrea and I have a lot of the same views on a lot of topics so we get along really well :)

And since this is a photo blog (right Ryan?), here are some photos of the Public Gardens.

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