Monday, April 27, 2009


So I have seriously been slacking in the blog post department this past week. But I intend to catch up. I figured I might as well give some updates as to what has been going on.

You may have remember me posting here about my goal to jog 50KM before the end of the month. Well I don't think I'm going to reach that goal. I am at 30KM now and I can consistently run for 5KM but by the time I am done me knees have been hurting. I have been taking it easy because I dont want to injure myself. This Thursday though I have a doctors appointment and I am going to mention it to her. Hopefully it is just soreness because I haven't been running a whole lot the past couple years. We'll see though.

Yesterday I assisted on an engagement shoot with Liam from AppleHead Studios. We had a ton of fun, the couple was fabulous and I can't wait to assist with the wedding next month. I will post some of these photos tomorrow as I am calibrating my monitor tonight in hopes to help with my color in photos. I have found that when I visit my blog from computers other than my own Mac the colors aren't as vibrant. Hopefully calibrating will help :)

Happy Monday!

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