Friday, March 6, 2009

Double Post Day

I have been working overtime all week at work so I haven't had a whole lot of energy to do anything including blogging. Sorry folks :( But to make it up to you I have decided to do a double blog post today! Right now I am actually at work (bad me I know) but when I get home I am going to post the rest of the photos from the shoot with Ashley. In the meantime I thought I would talk about this winter.

I am tired of being cold. Ha ha ha. I am a super big snow fan because it is so pretty!! But I did a shoot yesterday and it lasted a half hour because it was *SO* cold outside. Right now it is snowing and I'm not sure how much we are supposed to be getting but I hope this is the last snow fall of the year. I can't wait for spring. It's so warm, full of life, and not to mention full of chocolate! YaY for Easter! hehehe. I have some sessions lined up with friends but they all want to wait until it's nice outside this spring. So HURRY UP SPRING!!!

More to come tonight!!

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