Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Plans.... I'm always all about plans. Maybe it is my minor OCD coming out in me but I like to know what is coming up next and what steps I need to take to reach my goals. So I figured I would blog about what my plans are for '09 and my photography.

I have been doing so much blog stalking and reading online at OSP and I have SOOOO many ideas. I really want to expand and build a solid portfolio so I have been asking (maybe borderline harassing, jokes! ;) local photographers if I can assist them. And I scored! I have assisted one photographer a few weeks ago and I will be assisting my friend Brian Larter in the studio this weekend for some product shots. I also will be assisting Brian with some upcoming weddings this summer and I also have been given the chance to assist with the amazing Liam of AppleHead Studio on some of his weddings! Needless to say, I'm ecstatic!! I can't wait :)

I have some other goals that I have to sit down and just do. I have realized how important it is to have a blog and keep it updated. It lets people get to know the real you and that is important if they plan on making a big investment in you. So I hope to start blogging a lot more. My problem is I don't like to blog without posting photos. So my next step is to start taking more photos. I have been reading lots of posts on OSP and want to start experimenting. Last year I did the "Photo a day" challenge and it helped me grow SO much as a photographer. My life now is too busy to do a photo every single day but I do want to take photos a few times a week and also do something else creative. Art is about expressing yourself in many different mediums. So I'm going to attempt some poetry, sketching and even painting! I'll make sure to post anything that turns out well.

I also have realized how important it is to have your own particular "style", a brand that people can associate with you. So I am starting to go through a branding process for my website, my blog, and for my business in general. I have been told a good idea is to really define who you are as a person to help in this process. I didn't think it would be hard at first but it has turned out to be very difficult. Trying to label myself and come up with some sort of look and a symbol that will represent me is so confusing. I keep juggling ideas in my head and have no idea if they work or not. So I guess we will have to see what I come up with! If any one has any suggestions or ideas feel free to comment and let me know!

Other than these goals I do want to try getting in shape, spending more time with Matt and friends and family and reading lots more! I plan on taking a cool photo of some books, maybe a self portait with them!

More to come :)

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  1. ...and i'm looking forward to shooting with the amazing Christine of Christine Newhook Photography!