Friday, January 30, 2009


There is this game that I played a lot in high school called "The Game of Association". Basically one person says a word and the other person/people say the first word/phrase that comes to mind. As I have a Type AB personality, I am very literal. So when I play this game, my answers usually are not surprising.


Well the last time I played this was laying in bed one night when I could not sleep. Matt was tired so he just looked around the room for words to say. Stuff like door, ceiling, stars, moon, simple stuff. Then he said fan.. and that is where this story really begins.

So I asked a few friends what they think of when they hear the word fan and they said:


These are all normal people responses. When Matt said fan, my first reaction was "ISTER!". He kinda rolled over, looked at me and said "What the?". My brain works in weird ways, lets say that first. The reason I said "ister" is because for some reason I thought of banister and rhymed fan with banister and got "FANISTER". So the question is, what the hell is a fanister? Well Matt and I had fun with that. We threw around some ideas and eventually came up with a banister that has fans in it. Don't steal it! It's our idea. Ha ha ha.

All of this happened about 6 months ago and then last night, out of the blue Matt brought it up again. And then we took it to the extreme. We decided we want a fanister on the fanistairs in our fanihouse which is in the fanicountry on the faniearth in the FANIUNIVERSE. Yes... we are weird.. we already know this.

Thought this would give at least one person a laugh. If you have any funny stories of things you have said leave them in the comments :) I'd love to see that their are other weird people out there too! Ha ha ha.

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