Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big snow, little snow... Little snow, big snow!

So we got the first snow fall of the year! Now normally I would be super excited except I don't get my winter tires on til tomorrow. But it doesn't looking like it is staying so I think I'll be able to drive home. Phew :)

After reading through some entries on Jasmine Star's Blog I decided I wanted to start using my 50mm f/1.8 lens again. So the other night I was playing around with it and caught a really awesome photo of our cat Squeaky. I decided with the posting of the photo the store of how we got her would be appropriate...

Matt and I were looking to get a cat. Then when we were in Wentworth for his sister's wedding, we came across Squeaky. Matt's dad and sister went for a walk in a park one day and Squeaky just followed them home. She was living out of his garage for about a week and he was feeding her when we went to Wentworth. His dad called her Squeaky because when she meows it actually sounds like she is squeaking. We fell in love with her instantaniously and after the vet said she was fine we decided to take her home :)

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