Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daily Photo #7 (Mar.17)

I'm posting lots today :D Ha ha ha. Had to catch up though.

This is actually what I got my dad for Christmas because he is always complaining that I never put gas in his car. Which I definitely do!! ;)

I had no idea what to photograph last night when I got home for work as I was too busy in the day with an interview to do a photo before work. Was sitting in my kitchen eating a PB, Nutella and banana sandwich (sounds gross but is soooo good) when I say this guy. I think this is adorable so decided to photograph it.

Forgot to put the tungsten setting on my camera for the first shot (that turned out to be the most in focus as low light and no tripod = camera shake) but because it is a raw file I just changed it in the conversion. I like how it turned out although I wish it had've been just a bit sharper. Next time I'll remember my tripod.

Had dreams of sunsets last night. Hope that is a good sign of the type of summer we're going to have :D Can't wait to get rid of this cold wind :(

Comments and constructive criticism as usual folks! :D

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  1. I cant believe you found something like this!!! Where did you get it anyway? I Hope they come bigger than that now seeing as you need the better part of $100 to fill your tank ! (oh yeah, love the picture too)