Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daily Photo #6 (Mar.16)

So Sunday I was so stumped on what to photograph. I spent my whole day getting my website up and running (www.christinenewhook.com) that I didn't have any more creativity in me. So while taking a break from doing my site I start to paint my toe nails and got the bright idea to photograph them! Ha ha ha. Set up my light in my bathroom (which looked ridiculous because I have a tiny bathroom and an octabox that touched almost both walls), jumped in the tub in my bathing suit and took some photos of my toes in bubbles.

This is what turned out. I was originally going to crop it tighter but I think I like it with more dark objects in the picture. Adds some contrast and a realistic feel.

Like always, comments and constructive criticism welcome :D

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