Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kiss Wedding Books

I think one of the best moments during the whole photography process is receiving the final product. I received an album not too long ago and it just blew me away. I had Pictage design the album and it was printed with Kiss. I absolutely adore the design. I had to make some changes to the original but besides just a few small adjustments it was perfect. The quality of the album completely met my expectations. I couldn't see one flaw at all in the whole book.

I almost forgot, but I did manage to get some photographs of it before I gave it to the clients. Take a look :)

Kiss includes these awesome dust protectors with all of their albums. It's important to take care of your albums so that they last a really really long time.

This is the 4x4 little kiss. It is an exact duplicate of the full size album. These are perfect to give to parents, family or close friends.

This is the 10x10 album. The client chose the cover color which is called Redlight Red. The other colors available are Virgin White, Forbidden Green, Passion Pink, Sultry Blue, Smoldering Brown, and Voluptuous Black. To my clients and future clients, I have swatches of all of these colors. You will be able to see them during our album meeting.

As soon as I have more products (sample albums, color swatches, canvas prints, etc) I will make sure to photograph them and put them up here.

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Well aren't you just the little blogger there hei!
    I've been SO wanting to do something with KISS, I've heard so many amazing things about their albums & books! Looks WONDERFUL!

    Can we see some spreads too? Pleaassse?

  2. Ooh. :) LOOKS GOOD! I've heard good things about them. I'm just worried about shipping/duty. (Like everything shipped from outside of Canada. Grr).

  3. Wow it looks beautiful. Funny I'm still waiting for my wedding albums from you...almost 2 yrs...:p