Friday, January 29, 2010

Mini Confession

I have a confession. Are you ready?

I haven't used my camera since I photographed Andriena! Shocking I know! I have been busy with blogging and editing that I haven't gotten a chance to use it. I realized this yesterday and knew this had to change. So from the time I got off work until the sunset I played around with my camera and took some photos. Here is what I got:

Squeaky hasn't appeared on the blog in SUCH a long time so I thought it might be good for me to get some paparazzi work in and spy on her :)

The beginning of this week was so warm out that I thought spring might be coming early! Well that changed Thursday night. The temperatures dropped and we got some snow mixed with high winds. It was SO cold taking the two above photos that I couldn't feel my fingers after 5 minutes. Brrrrr... I think I'm ready for spring.

The sunset last night was just beautiful. I couldn't stop looking at it. These photos don't even do it justice :(

Matt and I are off to Wentworth today to visit our niece! Matt's sister had a baby girl last weekend. Expect some photos of her soon :)


  1. Snnnooowwww. I LOOOVVEEE those sunset photos. Talk about breathtaking.

    I may have to steal your cat and keep her. Adorable shot of her :)

  2. Cute kitten! :):):) Her eyes are really eerie! And I love the cloud shots....

  3. I love the snow pics! That one of the melting snow by the water is my new desktop picture. Thanks Hon!