Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall Colours

Fall is such a beautiful season. I haven't gotten a chance to post the photos I have taken yet this fall but here they are. I absolutely love the reds, oranges and yellows of fall.

Enjoy :)

On our way home from apple picking we found this tree full of silk worm nests. They were so strange to see in such a large quantity.

And then we gave some horses a few of our apples :)


  1. Christine, you have an amazing eye. These are GORGEOUS! Love the images of the horses, and I love that last one. It's just so perfect, so beautiful. Ahh, breathtaking indeed.

  2. Love the silk shot, definitely!! <3 Autumn does give us beautiful colours. (And all the rain that goes with it, of course).

  3. hello christine from another christine! :) these are beautiful shots - i love how crisp your shots are! and loving the deep colours too! makes me really miss fall! :)