Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sometimes I find myself aimlessly surfing the internet. I don't do it often but when I do I always stumble upon something inspiring. Whether it is an artist's profile on or an amazing blog or photography website. Sometimes it even leads me to A friend of mine told me to look up this video and I remembered to do so a couple of days ago. A lot of you may already have seen it but I was completely blown away. Check it out...

It really started me thinking about being unique. About making not only your wedding but your life different. Doing what you want with it and as one of my tattooes says "Be True" to yourself. Matt and I have started to change the way we live and I have never felt better. We have moved to eating foods that have gone through the least amount of processing as possible. I have started going to hot yoga and reading books I normally wouldn't. As corny as it sounds I feel like I have started to broaden my horizons and it is the best feeling in the world.

Just thought I would share that :)

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