Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Lens

This year I have photographed 3 weddings so far and I have found that I am consistently limited with the lenses that I have. I don't have a quality lens that is wide enough to do group shots and a lot of other shots I want to capture.

This past wedding I had my sister's boyfriend Harrison second shoot with me and he mentioned that he had never been to Henry's. So since he is a soon to be photo student and photography is how he wants to make his living I thought it would be fun to bring him to Henry's to take a look around. Last night while we were at the one in Bayers Lake I was looking at the selection of used Canon gear they had. One of the items happened to be a Canon 20mm f2.8 USM lens. I fell in love. The person working there put it on the Canon 50D (I have the 40D so pretty much the same camera) and let me play around with it. Right there I fell in love. It is super wide and still has good aperture abilities. Not as good as my 50mm but waaaay better than any of my other lenses. I knew this is what I needed to get those photos I had been trying to capture but never quite getting. After talking it over with Matt we both decided it would be a really good investment and if not, they have a 14 day return policy ;)

Needless to say today I bought it and I feel inspired!!! I was kind of in a dull phase for a while where I wasn't that inspired by anything and now it has gone away. I can't wait to get together with some friends this weekend for a portrait session (if hurricane Danny stays away) and again next week for some more portrait sessions.

Lots of photos to come :D Here's my baby!!


  1. Mm, so pretty! :) I want a wider prime lens. (I've only got a 50 and an 85). Haha.

  2. Yay for new lenses - so fun. The 50 is such a pretty thing too :)

  3. Ooooooooo.... I WANT ONE!!! :) hehe
    I should see what my local Henrys has to offer these days...