Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo Sessions

Lately I have had a super duper writers block when it comes to blogging. I asked Matt tonight, "Hunnie, what should I blog about?". His answer was, "Your knees". Reason being is because after going out an buying these awesome running shoes I am now having pains in my knees worse than with my original crappy shoes. But I have talked about my running adventures TOO many times in the past little while.

So instead I decided I wanted to talk about my photography as a whole. As my blog readers know, I will be assisting AppleHead Studio this summer to build my wedding portfolio. I also want to get a strong portfolio of portraits, seniors and couples. So if you are any of the above and want some photos done, EMAIL ME! (

I also worked a little bit more on my website and have decided to post an FAQ page. But I don't know what types of questions my clients/potential clients would have. I have asked some previous clients for some ideas but I want to really cover everything people can think of. So if anyone has suggestions as to questions I should post in my FAQ section that would be lovely :)

A friend of mine is designing a new image that will definitely help the branding of my business. More to come in the next few weeks on that.

And since everyone loves pictures and as Ryan would say "It IS a PHOTO blog", here is a photo I took not too long ago.

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