Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just siiiiiiiiinging in the flurries?

Here I am, sitting on the couch waiting for Matt to get home... He's stuck on a call at work. What a perfect time to blog! My friend Ryan and I were chatting today about our blogs. Not only do we both agree that they are important for clients to get to know us, he also pointed out a couple of things like how this month is my 1 year anniversary! It was exactly one year ago (March 8th) that I submitted my first post. Go me... go me... go, go, go me. In that year (or a little more than I year I should say) I have posted 68 times (not including this one). Not bad for my first year of blogging I think. My goal for next year is to double that number! So we'll see how that goes, hehehe.

He also pointed out that he thinks he is going to catch up to me in my number of posts really soon. HA! Yeah right. So Ryan.. This is my challenge to you. Catch up! See if you can have more posts than me this time next year :P Man I'm being saucy today. lol.

It is almost April (YAY for spring!!) and I am a little depressed. Why you ask? Well last night we got a snow storm. YES, a SNOW STORM. :( This has to be the longest winter in the history of the universe. Right now I can hear the wind howling and it is sending me back into hibernation mode. Mother Nature, won't you save us from the cold?

This is a shot I took a few months ago when Matt and I were out for a chilly walk. This is the heart shaped pond in Bedford, Can you see the heart?

Happy Tuesday!

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