Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If you're on Facebook you may have already done this or have been tagged in someone elses. Everyone lately has been posting in their blogs and on their profiles 25 random facts about themselves. So I decided to join the "trend" and at least by posting it on my Blog you don't have to worry about those annoying tags!! ;)

1- I have this not-so-secret obsession with chocolate
2- My amazing, hot, caring boyfriend can make me smile when I'm crying, upset, angry and stressed... and I love him for that and for sooooooooo many other reasons
3- I really do want to blog more but I don't want to write about nothing, that's no fun is it? If you have any topic suggestions send them my way!
4- I love Love
5- I ALWAYS make funny faces in photos
6- I cry waaaay to easily.. I cried in Star Wars 3 when Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were fighting.
7- I have flamming red hear and a temper to match it :) But it's ok, it takes a lot to make me show my temper
8- I kinda collect pens, I have sooo many
9- I always use more conditioner than shampoo and I change my brands frequently so I have a bunch of shampoo bottles that are 1/4 full
10- I was once told if I count my freckles they would all disappear... I was busy for days!
11- I am a die-hard Canon and Mac user
12- I am a procrastinator at heart, but I swear I'm getting better!!
13- My BlackBerry is glued to my hip, I feel naked and lost and scared without it! :( Sad I know
14- My PIN is 2058CDA1 if there is anyone else addicted to their BlackBerry and need someone to chat with :)
15- If you ask me where I was born I will always tell you Calgary, even though I only lived there for 3 months after I was born and then moved to Halifax
16- I modeled, bought a camera, became a photographer and now I seriously dislike being in photos, weird eh?
17- I am a blog stalker.. I mean really, who isn't?
18- I adore my kitten, Squeaky. She is named Squeaky because when she was little her meows actually sounded like squeaks
19- I'm 21 yrs old, 5'4" and CrAzY :D
20- My favorite thing to do in the summer is dance in the rain... there is something calming about the rain that I love
21- You haven't had a beer until you've had an Alexander Keith's
22- I randomly break out into song and dance, a habit I have picked up from my hubby
23- I love to travel but I don't get to very often
24- My family and friends are so important to me, without them I would not be where I am today. Love you guys!!
25- I may be shy when you first meet me but after I relax a bit I'm uber outgoing.. did I just say uber?

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. I love the stuff here on your blog and this list is too cute!

  2. When I read your random 25 things I busted out laughing toward the end because I too randomly bust out in song and but that on my random 25. Thank GOD I can hit a note or people would really be looking at me crazy. lol