Monday, January 19, 2009

Personal Assignments

Over the weekend I did an assisting job with a professor from NSCC. The shoot itself didn't turn out very good as there were a few cancellations but I did learn a lot while I was there. I had never been to the NSCC Dartmouth Waterfront campus and it was really nice to get in there and look around. The building is absolutely amazing! Coming from doing 2 years in business at Dalhousie it was so cool to walk through NSCC and see illustration labs, studios, sound proof rooms, and recording studios instead of the chem labs, calculus offices and auditoriums I have been accustomed to.

While there Erin and I talked a lot about photography in general, his experience and the photography program itself. I got to look at student work and while viewing the photographs I kept thinking to myself, "I could really do this and be great at it!". So I have decided I'm going to go to NSCC and take the photography program. When I will do this I am not sure but I do want to complete it. I kind of miss being is school. Ha ha ha.

In the meantime I have decided to give myself "Personal Assignments". In the photography program they have weekly photo assignments. One of my friends is in his second year of the program and I have asked him to give me the topics for the assignments he is doing and try to do them myself. Here and there I am also going to give myself one that I made up and I want to try. Wish me luck!

As no post is a good post without a photo here is one that I had laying around from when I did my daily photo project last year :)

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