Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Spirit!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just thought that would be fun :) Ha ha ha. But it is true, I absolutely love Christmas. And it's not because I am greedy (ahem, I am not!), it's because I love giving presents to people and being friendly and in the holiday spirit.

So as a theme I have decided to post every day (I am going to do it... hahaha). Each day I am going to post about something Christmas-esque. Even if it is just giving kudos to photographers I like or talking about wrapping techniques.

Today I have decided to officially announce the launch of my website. It is going LIVE on Friday the 12th!! YaY!!! I designed this website using a program called ShowIt Sites. AMAZING!! The lovely people at ShowIt Fast developed this software. It basically creates a Flash website but the user doesn't have to know anything about Flash. I mean, I honestly think it was designed specifically for me ;) I have been struggling with getting a website up for over a year now because I know nothing about them. I tried writing HTML code myself... didn't work. I tried buying an awesome Flash template and editing it... talk about a disaster. I even paid someone I went to high school with to design a website in Flash for me... I felt bad about being picky about stuff. So right now I have this crappy template that I don't know how to edit posted on my domain.

Then in September I went to a Photography Seminar and got to meet David Jay. It was one of those situations when the clouds parted and the sun shined down on this one person. Ha ha ha. Ok, that is exagerating it a bit but you get the idea. David introduced me to so many topics and ideas that I was clueless about. I have never used Lightroom for editing before and now I love it! There are so many ways to market yourself that I would have never thought of on my own that he introduced me to. And he introduced me to my saviour, ShowIt Sites. You'll all have to wait and see on Friday what I designed :)

I will also sneak in that I'm planning to participate in Giving Is Awesome. Check it out :)

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