Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So it was my birthday on Sunday :) The big 21 for me! YaY, I can drink in the US. Ha ha ha. Thought I would upload some photos I have done recently. Comments welcome!

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  1. your birthday is the same day than my daughter, but she has only one year....hehehe...sorry, its seems curious for me.
    well, your work is great, i like the photography too, but i'am a really, really amateur. i have only a canon eos400d and a sony dsc-t2, but i like to make beautiful images with them. this summer i was on the south of france, and there are so many beautiful places...gavarnier, foix, carcasonne....but canada....mmmmm...that's my lovely dream!
    oh, sorry...i doesn't want to bore to you with this!!!!
    ok, i like much your pictures and you (you are so beautiful!!) i was look your pictures on deviant art...
    pd. sorry for my english, i'm from spain!