Saturday, March 15, 2008

Daily Photo #4

So it's official... My camera bag is heavy as H***. Ha ha ha. Back hurts today. I have one of the ones that holds a laptop too. But because I went to work after taking this photo I had to take everything for work in it too. Sooo heavy. Argh. Oh well.

Went out for breakfast/brunch with a fellow local photographer friend of mine, Chris Geworsky (, and then we wandered around Halifax to take photos. Chris had not been to "The Pit" before so I decided to show him around. Now, The Pit, or whatever you want to call it, is a spot in Halifax where it is allowed to do graffiti. Therefore there is always LOTS of awesome work there. When we were there we actually ran into some fellow artists. Unfortunately they wouldn't let us take their picture so I got this cute one of Chris instead. Wanted to give it a bit of a cartoon ish feel because it really looks like it belongs on Roger Rabbit. He he he. Hope you all like it! I'll probably take some more graffiti shots within the next year because it changes so much there :D

Comments and constructive criticism welcome.

ps- I know selective color is overdone but deal with it. He he he. :D

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