Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily Photo #2

So I am kind of keeping up to date on this Daily Photo thing. Didn't get a chance to post this last night so I'm posting it this morning instead :D

Looks like we got probably our last snow storm of the year last night. Didn't even really get much snow but it is better than the brown grass we had earlier on in the day. Decided to take some long exposure shots when I got off work at like 1am. Ha ha ha. Night hawk I know. The only thing I didn't like about every single one of them is the orangey/redish tint that they all had from the street lights. That has been happening with all of my night time shots. It's a royal pain in the BUTT! Argh. Oh well. I changed this one into B&W and added a blue tone to it. Also uped the contrast a lot and burned around the light posts so that they weren't so distracting.

Again, comments and constructive criticism are welcome and I hope to have some to read soon :D


  1. congratuliation very impressive's so mystic... it looks like if every minute the aliens will arive..

  2. Very calming and like out of a painting....Makes me think of when I was a child and the fuzzy feeling I always got after a snow storm and there was newly fallen snow to play in. Great shot!

  3. Very nice shot.... The shadow makes it... The only thing that would make it better would to have the entire shadow in the shot...