Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daily Photo #17 (Mar. 29)

Ok, before you get mad about not posting for the 28th hear me out. I went out in the snow storm we had and took a cool photo. Well at least it looked cool in my LCD screen. Waited until yesterday to upload it to the computer and it was out of focus :( So to make up for it I took this awesome one the day after the storm. God it was gorgeous out! I also went out and paid $20 for a wooden statue for todays photo. So keep an eye out for it and don't be mad, get glad! :D Hahaha.

Didn't really do much to this one. Burned the corners a bit, added contrast as usual and lightened up the middle of the photo a bit.

I'm now selling prints on . If you're interested check it out :D

Comments? Constructive criticism?

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